Insightful Temperature Monitoring

Stay in compliance with 24/7 temperature monitoring for refrigerators, freezers, blanket warmers, hot/cold packs, etc. insightful temperature monitoring solution

Data Driven Maintenance

Equipment health reports are a unique, patent pending feature of our platform and are extremely useful to our customers to reduce maintenance costs and inventory loss.

These reports are generated daily by our reporting agent, which uses highly granular temperature data to monitor compressor health and operation. The machine intelligence built into the report agent uses this data to generate a score between 1 (bad) and 10 (good) to indicate equipment health and to generate a list of maintenance suggestions that, if followed, should increase the health score over time.

  • Delivered by email daily
  • Health score from 1 to 10
  • Automated maintenance suggestions
  • Reduces inventory loss and maintenance costs.
Refrigeration equipment health report
Whisker.Block Wireless temperature monitoring sensor

Whisker.Block® Temperature Sensors

  • -40 to +85 °C range
  • 10-20 yr. battery life
  • +/ 0.5°C accuracy
  • Long range 900MHz (prop. LoRa)
  • IP67 rated enclosure
  • Mutliple mounting options
  • When 3 or more sensors are needed

Whisker.Blocks® are long range, battery powered wireless sensors that can be used in hot and cold applications where 3 or more sensors are required.

They can sample air temperature every 5 minutes using a built-in, highly accurate digital sensor or they can remotely monitor liquid/air/gas temperature using a variety of available temperature probes.

With 10+ years battery life and miles of range, these sensors are truly a fire and forget solution. They install in seconds and once installed, they will monitor your assets without the need for maintenance or adjustment for the life of the assets*.

* Our 10+ year battery life exceeds the normal 5-7 lifespan of most commercial and industrial equipment.™ Direct2Cloud Temperature Sensors

  • -40 to +85 °C range
  • 5-8 yr. battery life
  • +/- 0.5 °C accuracy
  • Ambient and probe options
  • Direct2Cloud Cat M1
  • When 1 or 2 sensors are needed
  • AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile*
  • Works with MicroUPS™

*Proprietary multi-carrier technology with simultaneous, native support for AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile.® temperature sensors are perfect for standalone temperature monitoring applications.

They can monitor air temperature using a highly accurate internal sensor, or remote liquid/air temperatures using the 2Smart digital temperature probe. For vaccine monitoring applications, our glycol bottle probe can be used to monitor product and air temperatures within the refrigerator or freezer.® provides the same alerting, visualization, analytics and reporting features as our Whisker.Block® monitors;

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Tank level monitoring made in the USA.

Proudly Built and Supported in the USA

The™ Direct2Cloud IoT Gateway, Whisker.Block®, Smart.Hub™, and® cloud app are designed & built by our team of engineers and technicians in the heartland of the USA. We do not outsource any aspect of our technology platform and when you need support, you can talk directly to our engineering team for help. If you have an idea that could improve our products or application, let us know - most of the great features we have today started as suggestions brough to us by customers.