Water Chemistry

Intelligent water chemistry monitoring. Quick installation, user defined alarms, and powerful analytics tools.

Intelligent chemical injection solutions for water treatment, oil and gas, production, etc.

Expandable Remote Water Chemistry Monitoring

m.Chem™ is a plug-and-play water chemistry monitoring solution that is easy to install and use. The m.Chem™ product family includes sensors for monitoring EC/TDS, ORP, PH, Free Cl-, Turbidity, and a variety of Ionics as well as I/O expansion, edge computing, and cloud connectivity, providing a complete set of building blocks for any application.

m.Chem™ sensor work seemlessly with our award winning Whisker.io® IoT platform, providing tools for reporting, analytics, visualization, and alerting on any computer, tablet or mobile device.

We also offer a full range of flow cells custom fitted for our sensors so you don't have to waste hours looking for the appropriate fittings to connect the sensors to your system.


m.Chem™ Product Catalog

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Proudly Built and Supported in the USA

The Sent.io™ Direct2Cloud IoT Gateway, Whisker.Block®, Smart.Hub™, and Whisker.io® cloud app are designed & built by our team of engineers and technicians in the heartland of the USA. We do not outsource any aspect of our technology platform and when you need support, you can talk directly to our engineering team for help. If you have an idea that could improve our products or application, let us know - most of the great features we have today started as suggestions brough to us by customers.