Water Tower Monitoring Made Easy

Worth Hydrochrem was asked to provide a remote monitoring solution for Mountain Park in Oklahoma that would be low-cost and quick to install. The application required a wireless sensor at the water tower to communicate to a PLC at a pumping station that was more than 2 miles away. The customer also wanted to be able to remotely monitor water tower levels using a mobile phone. Fortunately, the Whisker.io™ IIoT solution can do both: sensor data can be communicated to the PLC using the built in Modbus TCP support and sensor data can be remotely monitored using D6 Labs' Whisker.io® IoT portal. In just a few hours, Worth Hydrochem was able to install a Whisker.Block® 4-20mA sensor at the water tower and an Industrial 4G Smart Hub at the pumping station, configure the Whisker.io® IoT portal for the customer, and verify proper operation. Although initially concerned about the distance between the tower and pumping station, Worth Hydrochem found that the Whisker.Block® wireless sensor was more than capable of communicating over that distance. The combination of 10+ year sensor battery life, exceptional radio range, and simple installation/configuration allowed Worth Hydrochrem to provide a complete, end-to-end solution to Mountain Park.

D6 Labs has great products and the wireless technology they have developed makes their solution robust, flexible, and cost effective. We are always able to work directly with their design team which makes our job easier. D6 designs and builds everything locally and they are always releasing new features, like Ignition support, which makes them one of the most reliable and responsive vendors we work with.

Worth Hydrochem