Whisker.io Wireless Sensors

Modbus RS-485


Your Cost Today:

$ 325.00

(incl. 1st year monitoring)

Monitoring Cost: $ 90.00 / year

Billing starts after 1st year - averages to $0.25 / Day


This Whisker.Block is configured with a Modbus RTU (RS-485) interface. It will work with any 3rd part automation technology that supports the Modbus RTU protocol, allowing you to bring your PLC and HMI data into the Whisker.io® cloud platform. This device can be used together with any of our other Whisker.Blocks to build a complete IoT monitoring solution. It can be configured to read up to sixteen 16-bit words - sixteen holding/input registers or sixty four coil/discrete registers. It samples data every 5 minutes and immediately communicates that data to a Smart.Hub™ LT. The Smart.Hub™ forwards the data to the cloud where it is stored and evaluated.

This Whisker.Block can be configured for internal battery or external DC power. When powered from internal batteries, the battery life is 10-20 years and the device sleeps between sampling periods. When powered from external DC power (or a MicroUPS), the device is always on and can be set to sample as fast as once every minute. NOTE: This part number is the battery powered version. Please contact us for other configurations.

Whisker.Blocks are easy to install - just peel the adhesive backing and press onto a flat, horizontal surface. Once installed, wake it up with a magnet and verify the 3 LEDs are on.

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Specification Minimum Typical Maximum Units
Baud Rate 9600 -- 115200 bit/sec
DC Power 8 24 32 VDC
Sample Rate -- 5 -- Minutes
Connectivity -- 900 Mhz Lora -- --
Sensor Power Supply 17 18 19 VDC
Operating Temperature Range -40 -- +80 Degrees C
Enclosure Rating -- IP67 -- --
  • Building Automation
  • Oil & Gas
  • Factory Automation