Logo Circuit Lines™ is a system designed to use technology to enhance food-safety practices in restaurants to the benefits of consumers, employees, owners, and brands.

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Our engineers designed this system in collaboration with top trained food-safety professionals--some of whom lecture and speak on food safety regularly—to ensure the best approach to convert manual processes into more reliable automated tasks. The result is a deployment of technology that makes food safety checks much easier for employees and management, automatically and regularly monitors critical assets, and alerts management when something is awry.

360° Food Safety Visibility™ Core Benefits

Circuit Lines
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Automatic & Accurate Alerts

Our system watches critical systems and alerts management of any detected problems, while also providing live feedback of certain behaviors so problems can be averted.

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Enhnaced Food Safety Practices

Dry-labbing of food-safety checks is substantially reduced, testing processes are technologically monitored and recorded, and hand-washing is dramatically improved.

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Reduced Risk of Food-Borne Illness

Improved practices, the reduction of dry-labbing, and the increase in handwashing substantial mitigates the risk of a food-borne pathogen outbreak. Moreover, the likelihood that staff cuts corners or forgets to perform certain food-safety checks is likewise reduced.

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Flexible and Scalable Reporting

Sensor readings and status are presented through an easy-to-use, red light / green light, system that scales from large-scale geographically-dispersed locations to a single sensor.

Reduce Food-Safety and Equipment Maintenance Costs Icon

Reduced Food-Safety and Equipment Maintenance Costs

Streamlined processes allow for labor to be reallocated to more productive tasks, while our advanced data analytics allow for equipment problems to be detected before a catastrophic failure results in food loss and high repair costs.

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Improved Food Quality

The focus on food-safety naturally brings food quality into the equation. By fine tuning practices and equipment, the rate at which cooked food products are completed within the quality band is increased.

How™ Works

Circuit Lines

Our complete system involves five simple devices connected through a private, isolated network. Operatation Diagram™ Applications

Circuit Lines™ has applications in any environment where food is stored, prepared, or served. It is often used to track critical control points to help prevent foodborne illness outbreaks.

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Products used for FoodSafe.IO ™™ Mobile

Our mobile app is designed to help your employees do any food-safety related tasks that cannot be fully automated by our Whisker.Block™ sensors. It can be configured for any type of checklist, including start-up checks, travel-path lists, cooked food tests, and temperature checks of received food. The executive dashboard makes it easy to track equipment, checklist, and food test status, and it provides an easy to follow To-Do list to guide your employees through their daily work. Required reports are generated at the click of a button and forwarded via email to the people who need them. If problems come up, such as failure to complete a required food test on time, alerts are sent to notify management of the problem.


The Whisker.Block™ is a flexible, yet powerful, battery powered wireless sensor that can be configured for a wide variety of applications, such as refrigerator monitoring. Our proprietary wireless technology ensures that your data can make it through concrete or steel walls, and the 10+ year battery means that once its installed, it will do its job without any additional maintenance. The flexibility of Whisker.Blocks™ is a unique feature of our solution, allowing you to expand your monitoring solution in the future to include monitoring for tank levels, hot water tank temperatures, energy consumption, and even roof-top A/C and refrigeration units.


Smart.Soap™ dispensers are intelligent, connected soap dispensers that monitor and report soap consumption. This data is tracked and displayed in reports and on the Food Safety Executive Dashboard, which is available at offer a variety of options for Smart.Soap™ dispensers and can customize a “drop-in” kit for specific dispensers already in use


Designed to work seamlessly with our Whisker.Block™ sensors, the Smart.Hub™ is your location’s bridge between sensor data and the cloud, using our private Verizon cellular network to reliably transfer data without requiring access to your location’s internet. And in the unlikely event the Smart.Hub™ loses access to the cellular network, it will continue to receive and store sensor data, ensuring no data is lost.™ Pricing Options

Circuit Lines

Listed pricing helps customers get started fast; however, for multi-store or large applications, please call our offices for pricing. Our experts will help design a system that solves your needs at an affordable rate.

Easy Starter 115/Month Includes
  • 1x Smart.Hub
  • 5x
  • 1x Smart.Soap
  • $23/month/sensor
Setup Fees
  • $125 + $10/add-on
Pricing for Subscription with Annual Payments Easy Starter Kit Buy Annually Button
Monthly Payments Option 125/Month Add-Ons
  • $25/month/sensor
Setup Fees
  • $400 + $12/add-on
Easy Starter Kit Buy Monthly Button
Basic Starter 230/Month Includes
  • 1x Smart.Hub
  • 10x
  • 2x Smart.Soap
  • $23/month/sensor
Setup Fees
  • $250 + $10/add-on
Pricing for Subscription with Annual Payments Basic Starter Kit Buy Annually Button
Monthly Payments Option 250/Month Add-Ons
  • $25/month/sensor
Setup Fees
  • $800 + $12/add-on
Basic Starter Kit Buy Monthly Button
Pro Starter 320/Month Includes
  • 1x Smart.Hub
  • 15x
  • 2x Smart.Soap
Add Ons
  • $ 23/month/sensor
Setup Fees
  • $ 355 + $ 10/addon
Pricing for Subscription with Annual Payments Pro Starter Kit Buy Annually Button
Monthly Payments Option 353/Month Add-Ons
  • $25/month/sensor
Setup Fees
  • $ 1130+ $ 12/add-on
Pro Starter Kit Buy Monthly Button™ Case Study

Circuit Lines™ is a system designed to use technology to enhance food-safety practices in restaurants to the benefits of consumers, employees, owners, and brands.