® Digital Food Safety Checklist App

Remote Management

Remotely monitor and manage checlists using the® IoT portal. All you need is a computer or mobile device with a modern web browser.


Getting Started Is Easy

We offer a variety of starter kits customized to your brand, so you can quickly get off and running.

Visit our store to see available configurations.


How It All Works


Protect Your Brand

Eliminate Pencil Whipping

Sensors provide accurate, on-time readings so checks are always complete and accurate.

What Gets Measured, Gets Done

Studies show that employees are more likely to comply with hand-wash and food safety policies if they are being observed.

Smart Alerts

Get notified when there is a problem without worrying about false alarms generated by dumb alerts.

Protect Your Bottom Line

Lower M&R Cost

Finding out about equipment issues when they arise allows you to deal with them before they become expensive problems.

Improve Employee Efficiency

Employees will spend less time taking temperatures and recording values and more time serving your customers.

Increase Sales

Keeping your equipment up and running will increase sales.