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Whisker.IO™makes it easy to bring your business to the Internet of things. Our off-the-shelf hardware is truly plug and play; it installs in minutes, works anywhere, and requires near zero maintenance. Our cloud platform provides critical services that store historical data from devices, forward device data to 3rd party applications, and alert users when configurable conditions are met.

Here is how it works:

Whisker.Blocks™ are battery powered, wireless IoT devices that can be used to monitor just about anything you can imagine: walk-in coolers, air conditioners, water filters, hand soap dispensers, pumps, tanks, water and energy meters, and air compressors are just a few examples. Each device can transmit data from as many as six sensors as often as every 5 minutes. We design our devices so that our battery life matches the operating life of the asset we are monitoring, which can be from 5 to 10 years. Once a Whisker.Block™ is installed and provisioned (which is fast and easy), it will communicate with any in-range Whisker.Hub™ that is on the same network. OEM and 3rd party products can be integrated into the™ platform via the Whisker.Engine™ wireless module; for more information, see the links at the right.

Devices transmit data using our proprietary™ wireless protocol (>1 mile range, 20 mi with elevation) to a Whisker.Hub™. The hub acts as a gateway between the Whisker.Blocks™ and the cloud platform, which is hosted in Microsoft Azure. When the hub receives data from a device, it will attempt to forward to the data to our cloud platform using one or more Internet connections (Ethernet, Cellular, and WiFi are available, depending on hub model). If the Internet connection is down, the hub will store the data locally to ensure it is not lost and then forward the data when connectivity is re-established. We have a family of hubs that range in price, performance, and functionality.

The Whisker.IO Cloud™ platform is hosted in Microsoft Azure and provides the applications, services and tools needed required for a comprehensive IoT application. When a device is provisioned, services can be assigned to the device; this provisioning is what determines how our platform handles data coming from the devices. Our platform provides the following services;

  • Forwarding - we will direct the data to any RESTful or MQTT based end-point on the cloud, allowing 3rd party applications and platforms to use this data.
  • Storage - we can store the data in our data base, which allows the rest of our services to act on the data and our tools to access the data
  • Analytics - we have intelligent analytics agents that can predict equipment failure and key events
  • Automation - we can automatically generate responses to changes in the state of raw data or the output of our analytics agents

Our browser-based UI provides the tools our customers need to install and maintain their™ devices in the field, monitor the status of those devices in real-time, and perform historical analysis and reporting on the data we collect from the devices.

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