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Digital Six Labs Moves to New Location

Posted on Monday, February 22, 2016. Authored By: Steve Montgomery

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK, February 22, 2016 - Digital Six Laboratories recently moved to its new location at 425 N Meridian in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  

"We are excited about our new location," says Steve Montgomery, CEO of Digital Six Laboratories. "The new building is large enough to support the expansion of our engineering and manufacturing divisions needed to support the increased demand for our products and services."

The new location provides additional space that will be used to expand human resources and add critical equipment needed for prototyping and production.  

About Digital Six Laboratories

Digital Six Labs is a fast growing supplier of state-of-the-art wireless IoT solutions and components for consumer, commercial and industrial markets. We design and build our products at our factory in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and are proud to say our products are American Made. In addition to our standard line of Whisker.IO™ related products, we offer consulting, custom design, and turn-key design and production of custom products.