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D6 Lab’s Showing FoodSafe.io™, FridgeTrak.io™, and HyGene.io™ at the ORA Convention & Expo

Posted on Tuesday, September 25, 2018. Authored By: John Colbert

Digital Six Laboratories, Inc. is participating in the 2018 Oklahoma Restaurant Convention & Expo, September 26 & 27, where it will present it’s FoodSafe.io™, FridgeTrak.io™, and Hygene.io™ solutions that give restaurants and food providers new and more effective methods for tracking their food-safety environments and refrigeration equipment. Customers tout that D6’s solutions provide them a far superior method for managing their restaurants as they “manage to green” by using their smart phones to track the daily progress and status of each facility. Moreover, they receive automatic notifications when something goes awry.

D6 Labs solutions are based upon a core technology that allows for the remote monitoring of devices through smart sensor blocks that can easily transmit through walls, last for 5+ years on a single set of batteries, and take readings every 5 minutes. D6 engineers have created these solutions for be peel-and-stick, meaning that they are ready to go upon receipt by the customer: place the devices, plug in the hub, and the system starts working.

D6 will be showing demos of live, functional systems, in their booth (#814) located near the culinary competition.