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How Sharpening Food-Safety Practices with IoT Technology can Reduce Food-Borne Illness

Posted on Friday, September 7, 2018. Authored By: John Colbert

Posted on FoodSafetyMagazine.com

Article Summary

"The method of using traditional manual oversight to enforce food-safety policies is destined for the history books. Restaurant corporations, owners, franchisees, and general managers have long been enforcing food-safety policies through the internal leadership structure. That approach is challenged, however, by high employee turnover rates, ineffective line-level supervisors, dry-labbing (employees plugging in fake results), rush times, and willful disobedience (employees that only comply if directly supervised). By implementing new technology, some restaurant leaders are taking the bull by the horns to keep a better eye on their food safety practices."

In this article, John Colbert discusses some specific customer case studies that reference how new technology from D6 Labs makes restaurants safer and more efficient. The studies include examples of handwashing compliance, obscure equipment malfunctions, and pencil-whipping. In each case, the specific situation, which was otherwise unknown to exist, was detected by D6 Labs’ technology and through such detection, was remedied. The real-life scenarios are meant to be informative for restaurant owners, restaurant managers, or restaurant supervisors who are responsible for food safety, equipment maintenance, or restaurant operations. Click the link below to read the full article posted on FoodSafetyMagazine.com.

Article Link: https://www.foodsafetymagazine.com/signature-series/how-sharpening-food-safety-practices-with-iot-technology-can-reduce-foodborne-illness/