About D6 Laboratories

Company Overview

Digital Six Labs is a leading provider of engineered wireless IoT solutions and components for restaurant, medical and commercial/industrial markets.

We are proud that every single product we sell is designed and manufactured in the USA at our main facility in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

We realize that IoT technology can be intimidating and confusion, which is why we have two guiding principles that influence every aspect of our business: Peel and Stick and Fire and Forget.

Peel and Stick

Installing our devices is literally as simple as peeling the backing off of a double stick adhesive, and pressing the device to a wall or piece of equipment. Where practical, our sensors and gateways require no configuration, and even when configuration is required, the process is very simple and requires no special technical knowledge.

Fire and Forget

Once our devices are installed, they are designed to operate with no maintenance for 10+ years, thanks to the proprietary wireless communication technology we developed. In many applications, our sensors will outlive the assets or equipment that they are monitoring.


D6 Labs has invested significantly in rapid prototyping and rapid production capabilities, allowing us to be very responsive to the evolving needs of our customers. Our current product portfolio is suitable for nearly any application, but if you find that you have a need for a sensor that we don't currently offer, or you just need a small modification to an existing product, please let us know. We can turn around new designs and make short "proto-duction" runs in record time.

Proactive Support

Client success is a core principle of D6 Labs and its support program stands alone in its industry. D6 client success managers work proactively with D6 customers to ensure success at every stage of interaction. Rather than tie customers up in long contracts that can survive poor service, D6 opts to earn the right to remain through reliable products and superior support.