Turn-key Production - Quickturn "protoduction" services

Bringing a new product to market is always exciting, but it isn't always an easy proposition. Keeping schedules, maintaining proper yield, managing lead-times and vendor relationships, and testing complex wireless products requires experience, talent, and resources.

At Digital Six Labs, Inc we build 100% of our Whisker.io™ products along with custom products for other customers in our own factories. Our Oklahoma City facility has been optimized for rapid, "protoduction" runs, allowing us to quickly build short runs of semi-custom and full-custom IoT devices. Our factory in Jolitzingo, Mexico is equiped for large scale production, including production lines for metal fabrication, plastic molding, and electronic assemblies. As the demand for Whisker.io™ grows, we continue to invest in new production and test equipment, ensuring that we will be ready to meet our customer's needs now and into the future.

Contact us for more information: +1 (844) 365-8647 sales@d6labs.com

PCB Assembly

As the cost of doing business in China continues to increase, more and more companies are looking for ways to bring production back to the USA.

From the beginning, Digital Six Labs' intention has been to leverage our 30+ years of experience building printed circuit board assemblies to develop our own in-house production capabilities which include:

  • Automatic pick and place - 6000cph
  • 0402 resistor/cap, 15 mil pitch IC
  • Documentation driven process
  • Feedback driven continuous process improvement

We are continuously expanding our capabilities and would be happy to discuss your production requirements.

Box Build

Final assembly of a product will generally include assembling a PCB into an enclosure, wiring the PCB to external connectors and power, final assembly of the enclosure, testing, and packaging. Products designed for long-term deployment in harsh environments can include weatherization and waterproofing operations as well.

Our final assembly capabilities include:

  • Wire stripping and manual soldering
  • Mechanical assembly
  • Potting and encapsulation
  • Packaging including custom package design

In addition to the typical box build capabilities, we have particular expertise building products that require potting and encapsulation. We regularly use two part poly-urethane potting compounds and have the vacuum chamber and curing equipment needed to properly apply them.


Many of the products we manufacture have industrial applications that require stand alone operation in harsh environments, requiring sophisticated multi-stage testing capabilities. A proper test plan and execution is absolutely critical to delivering a quality product to your customers.

In addition to final quality, our testing process provides feedback to our continuous process improvement program, allowing us to update every phase of production to improve yield and reduce build time and cost. Depending on the requirements of the product, our testing process can include:

  • Process based visual inspection
  • Automated PCBA fixture based test
  • Final assembly test
  • Design validation testing by lot sampling
  • EMC compliance validation
  • RF performance verification
  • Environmental testing