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The platform solves real world problem for many verticals and industries. Our partner program is designed to make it easy for companies with expertise is specific verticals to use in their solution and services offerings.

Our IoT platform includes a complete portfolio of products, allowing your company to mix and match the technologies you need to solve the problems of your customers. Our Engine™ module supports integration of Whisker into any OEM product, allowing that product to work with the rest of the eco-system. We also offer a range of SensorBlock™ battery powered wireless sensors that can measure and control almost anything including temperature, humidity, light, pressure, contact closure, legacy serial and ModBus devices, RTD, and more. Our SensorBlocks™ communicate with our Linux powered gateways that in turn interact with our free desktop and mobile applications as well as a number of 3rd party cloud services.

Whether you are a service company, an OEM, or an application developer, we have a partner program for you. Contact us today to learn more.

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OEM Partner

OEM's can take advantage of to put existing and new products on the Internet of Things with very little effort. Our Engine™ is an FCC approved module that is essentially a "IoT Sensor In a Box". Just give it power and connect it to a wide variety of digital and analog sensors and you are good to go. Or, for legacy products with a serial port, the Engine is a quick and easy way to get them on the IoT highway. Just connect one to your product and install a gateway and instantly, your product will be on the Internet of Things. You will be able to provision and interact with your device using our software and you can have the gateway send the data from your device to 3rd party cloud service providers like Buglabs, 2Lemetry, Thingspeak, etc.

As an OEM partner, you will get special discounts on Engines and our gateway products as well as priority support and reduced cost on customization services. Revenue sharing is an optional component of this partner program.

For OEMs wishing to leverage our entire solution eco-system, we can build a hybrid partner program that includes benefits of the Developer program. Based on our negotiated partner agreement, we can give access to the source code of our client and gateway software, allowing the OEM to customize both according to his needs.

Developer Partner

Cloud platform service providers and vertical application developers need a way to get access to the data that their applications need. In many cases, this point of collection for this data makes the traditional methods (like WiFi, cellular, or ethernet) impossible. Short range proprietary radio and even mesh networking doesn't work well either because of the amount of infrastructure required to cover the geographic distribution of the devices collecting the data. was designed to solve these problems. Our technology is plug and play, operates over very long ranges, runs for a long time on common batteries. In an outdoor setting, we can cover a radius of 4 miles, allowing to cover an entire farm or a group of oil/gas wells or even an entire train yard. Our SensorBlocks™ can be configured to monitor just about anything ranging from something as simple a switch closure to something as complicated as 3 phase power readings from a smart meter.

Developer partners are able to white label our products and sell them as part of a packaged software/hardware solution. They get access to our APIs, special discounts on the hardware, access to the newest technologies before they are released, priority support, and access to reduced cost customization services. And we will share a portion of all recurring revenues we earn from the solutions sold under the partner program.

Reseller Partner

Service and product companies are leveraging the Internet of Things to close the loop on their business processes, allowing them to be more efficient. The key is the meaningful collection and analysis of data. can monitor and automate data collection for almost any process. By collecting data from hand soap dispensers, we can monitor the usage of a bathroom and build business rules that allow the janitorial services company to automate the scheduling of their cleaning crews. Using sensors to capture data from operating Oil and Gas wells, we can provide real time access to key productivity indicators and rapid notification of exceptions that require immediate attention. In all cases, companies can manage more assets with fewer resources while gaining valuable insight into how their companies operate.

As a reseller partner, we can build custom solution offerings designed specifically for your market which may include custom application and sensor development. The partner program entitles your company to revenue sharing, special pricing, support tailored to your company's needs, and custom solution development services.

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