Whisker.IO Starter Kit - Cellular

Product Id: WIO-900-SK3

The Whisker.IO Starter Kit is the fast way to get started with our long-range, battery powered wireless IoT solution.  It includes an Cellular gateway and three Temp/RH SensorBlocks(tm).  It is super easy to use.  Plug in the gateway, put batteries in the sensors, and you are up and running.  The gateway in this kit requires a data to operate ($10/mo).


If you want to get started with the Whisker.IO platform right away, this kit is for you.  It includes an Cellular commercial gateway, three Temperature/RH SensorBlocks, and all of the antennas, batteries, and accessories you need.

Order it today, and receive it tomorrow.  Within minutes, your Whisker.IO devices will be up and running and collecting data.  Then, using our portal, you can change the device configuration, configure alert automation, monitor device status, or analyze historical data.

The Cellular gateway does require a data plan to be activated prior to use.  Our data plan is $10/month and is activated as part of the provisioning process when you add the gateway to your account.

Check out our quick start guide in Resources | Documentation. 

The SensorBlocks that come with this kit are configured with internal temperature and humidity sesnors and 2 external digital inputs.   The digital inputs can be used to monitor door contacts, leak sensors, switches, etc.

The kit contains:

  • (1) Cellular gateway (GW-900-CM3)
  • (3) Temp/RH SensorBlocks (SB-900-0001)
  • (6) AA batteries
  • (1) Magnet for provisioning
  • (1) 5V wall transformer for gateway
  • (4) 1/2 wave di-pole antennas
  • (1) quick start guide.

The gateway automatically sends data to our Whisker.IO Cloud.  We provide a dashboard toolset that allows you to visualize and interact with the data.  Log in with 'guest' as user name and password to see how it works.