902-928MHz Whisker.IO Engine™ Module - SMT External Antenna Connector

Product Id: OEM-900-SE

The Whisker.IO Engine™ is a small, bi-directional surface mount wireless module capable of long battery life and extended range of >1 mile (20miles with sufficient elevation). This FCC approved module is perfect for IoT applications; simply provide power and connect the sensors and actuatores you want to use. The modules can operate in a master-slave arrangement for IoT, M2M and sensing applications.  It can also operate in a peer-to-peer arrangement for wire replacement applications.


The Whisker.IO Engine™ is a self-contained "wireless sensor in a module" that offers amazing range performance, awesome battery life, and two way communications (transmit and receive). The module has an on-board controller that can be configured to operate as a sophisticated node in an IoT wireless sensor/control network or as transparent serial link for wire-replacement applications.

For IoT applications, the module is very simple to use. One module is connected to a processor or micro with Internet connectivity and acts as a gateway; other modules are configured as nodes that can measure and control the world around them. Every module can operate as a gateway or a node, reducing the need to keep different SKUs in inventory. Gateway modules are commanded locally via the UART port using AT commands. Node modules are commanded remotely from the gateway using remote AT commands.

Building Whisker.IO™ nodes is very easy; just connect power and I/O. They can be powered from 3.0V or 3.6V batteries or from a regulated power supply and can operate for up to 5 years from a single pair of AA batteries. The modules expose a UART, digital inputs and outputs, analog inputs, and an I2C port for I/O expansion. The power mode, I/O configuration, and operational configuration are set remotely via AT commands from the gateway module. Input sampling can be setup to trigger either on a periodic basis or when a specified event happens.

For wire replacement applications, the module is a perfect fit, creating a >1 mile UART-to-UART wireless link.


  • 902-928MHz operation
  • FCC modular approval
  • Antenna connection via pins - support for PCB antenna
  • >1 mile rnage (20 miles with sufficient elevation)
  • Battery life 5+years from two AA batteries in IoT sensor applications
  • Very small : .92" x 1.2"
  • Interfaces to a host microcontroller via a UART
  • Rich AT command set for control of local and remote modules
  • Simple I/O interface for direct connection to "thing" being monitored or controlled
  • 2 digital inputs, 1 digital outputs, and 2 10-bit analog inputs
  • IO expansion via I2C. Up to 16 of each: analog input, analog output, digital input, and digital output.
  • Triggers allow module to automatically notify master when conditions are met - event driven IO
  • Module can operate as a wireless serial modem for point to point and master/slave applications

Supported I/O Devices

  • 2 digital inputs - built in
  • 1 digital outputs - built in
  • 2 analog inputs (10-bit) - built-in
  • Legacy serial devices - via serial UART
  • 12/16 bit A/D converters - via I2C port
  • 8 channel digital I/O port expanders - via I2C port
  • Si7020 Temperature/RH sensor - via I2C port
  • 3 axis accelerometer - via I2C port
  • Barometric pressure - via I2C port
  • Air quality - via I2C port
  • And many more - see data sheet


  • Wirless sensor networks
  • M2M
  • Internet of Things
  • Agricultural sensing (frost, temperature, soil moisture, etc).
  • Equipment monitoring
  • Oil and Gas well monitoring
  • Tank level measurement
  • Long range wireless Modbus bridge
  • Robotics
  • UAV - perfect alternative to power hungry 1watt, 433MHz radios currently used
  • Home and building automation