Cellular Whisker.IO™ Gateway (Commercial)

Product Id: GW-900-CM3

The Whisker.IO™ commercial gateway is perfect for all indoor applications. It is powered from an external 5V wall transformer (included), can be easily mounted to a wall, and communicates to the Internet via the integrated cellular modem.  This gateway requires a data plan.


This Whisker.IO Gateway™ connects various Whisker.IO™ devices to the Internet via Verizon cellular, allowing them to be monitored, managed, and controlled remotely.

The commercial gateway communicates with the Internet via a ethernet and is suitable for indoor use.


The gateway is powered using the included 5V wall transformer.


The commercial gateway is 4x3x2” and can be mounted using recessed screw mounting holes and the included wall anchor kit. For best operation, the gateway should be mounted central to the devices being monitored and should be mounted as high as possible, preferably 10-15 feet from the ground.


    • Communication via Verizon Cellular - requires data plan
    • Data is queued if connectivity is lost and is persisted even in the event of power loss
    • Works with all Whisker.IO devices
    • Available services
      • Logging - diagnostic logging recorded to Whisker.IO Cloud storage
      • Storage - readings stored to Whisker.IO Cloud storage
      • Forwarding - readings are forwarded to 3rd party solutions
    • Configured and monitored using Whisker.IO portal