™ is a system designed to use technology to enhance food-safety practices in restaurants to the benefits of consumers, employees, owners, and brands.

Our engineers designed this system in collaboration with top trained food-safety professionals--some of whom lecture and speak on food safety regularly—to ensure the best approach to convert manual processes into more reliable automated tasks. The result is a deployment of technology that makes food safety checks much easier for employees and management, automatically and regularly monitors critical assets, and alerts management when something is awry.

360° Food Safety Visibility™ Core Benefits

Automatic & Accurate Alerts

Our system watches critical systems and alerts management of any detected problems, while also providing live feedback of certain behaviors so problems can be averted.

Enhnaced Food Safety Practices

Dry-labbing of food-safety checks is substantially reduced, testing processes are technologically monitored and recorded, and hand-washing is dramatically improved.

Reduced Risk of Food-Borne Illness

Improved practices, the reduction of dry-labbing, and the increase in handwashing substantial mitigates the risk of a food-borne pathogen outbreak. Moreover, the likelihood that staff cuts corners or forgets to perform certain food-safety checks is likewise reduced.

Flexible and scalable Reporting

Sensor readings and status are presented through an easy-to-use, red light / green light, system that scales from large-scale geographically-dispersed locations to a single sensor

Reduced Food-Safety and Equipment Maintenance Costs

Streamlined processes allow for labor to be reallocated to more productive tasks, while our advanced data analytics allow for equipment problems to be detected before a catastrophic failure results in food loss and high repair costs.

Improved Food Quality

The focus on food-safety naturally brings food quality into the equation. By fine tuning practices and equipment, the rate at which cooked food products are completed within the quality band is increased.

How™ Works

Our complete system involves five simple devices connected through a private, isolated network.

This setup is Easy. The application is Fast. The information is Now.
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Products used for FoodSafe.IO ™


The Whisker.Hub™ operates as the gateway between D6 IoT devices and our Cloud-based agent. This version is designed for indoor wall or ceiling mounting. Industrialized outdoor versions are also available.


The Whisker Block is a universal device that has built-in sensor and can accept a variety of external sensors. It is designed for remote monitoring and can transmit easily through concrete or steel walls, and cover miles of range. It contains a 5-year battery pack that is expandable depending on the application. APP

Our FoodSafe.IO™ app guides restaurant staff through the procedures of completing food-safety checks, to include startup checks, cooked-food checks, and spot checks. It reminds members when checks are due and alerts management when checks are approaching a deadline. It runs on a tablet in kiosk mode and utilizes a Bluetooth probe with digital display.

Soap Dispenser Kit

Our specially-engineered hand soap dispenser retrofit kits turn hand soap dispenser into self-reporting IoT devices. These smart dispensers count each use of the device and report that data to the Whisker.Hub. A universal system is also available.