Enterprise Grade Solution for IoT

Remotely monitor and control assets from anywhere in the world using a phone, tablet or computer. Our battery powered, wirelesss technology is simple to install, easy to use, and extremely reliable in almost any application and environment.

With 60+ product configurations, up to 10+ years battery life, and 2+ miles of range, our flexible solutions are perfect for almost any industrial or commercial application.


Two Product Families That Work Together


Battery Powered Wireless Sensors With Up To 4 external Analog/Digital Inputs, 2Smart™ Sensor Probes, or Modbus RTU. Perfect For Applications Where Multiple Sensors Are Required.

10+ year battery, 2+ mile range.

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Direct2Cloud™ (CatM1 Cellular) Wireless IoT Gateways For Standalone Applications. Analog, Digital, Modbus RTU, and Low Power 2Smart Sensor Interfaces - Up To 32 Channels.

Mutiple Power Options Available.

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For A Variety Of Applications

Tank Level

Enterprise grade continuous tank level monitoring for water, chemicals, fuel, etc. Use Sent.io™ when you need to monitor one or two tanks, or Whisker.Blocks® when you need to monitor 3+ tanks or when you need to monitor multiple data points in a factory, pumping station, building, etc. Remotely manage all your tanks.

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Temperature monitoring

Temperature monitoring of fixed and mobile cold chain assets for food industry, hospitals, clinics, and manufacturing. Samples every 5 minutes, smart alerts, equipment health reporting, long battery life, and exceptional reliability make Whisker.io™ a flexible and cost effective temperature monitoring solution.

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Septic Systems

Instant notification for property owners and maintenance when septic systems need servicing. Sent.io is perfect for a single septic sytem or sewage lift station. Use Whisker.Blocks® for larger applications with multiple septic/sewage stations within a 2 mile radius. Track pump run time, sewage levels, and alarms.


Stay in compliance with 24/7 IoT temperature monitoring for refrigerators, freezers, blanket warmers, hot and cold pack storage, etc. Whisker.Blocks can measure temperature, humidity, and pressure and are perfect to monitor vaccine storage, treatment rooms, blanket warmers, hot water tanks, and more. Sent.io™ is a great solution for monitoring one or two vaccine refrigerators in a clinic.

Pumping Stations

Track and manage pumping stations, wells, water towers, etc. from anywhere in the world using your mobile phone. Use Sent.io™ or Whisker.Blocks® to connect existing SCADA systems to the Whisker.io® cloud and add Whisker.Blocks® to monitor remote tanks, wells, and pumps. Alert notifications on tank levels, pump errors, etc. Remotely control lead/lag pump, start/stop setpoints, high/low alarm levels, etc.


Remotely monitor and manage any automation system (SCADA, PLC, etc.) with Modbus communications. Connect any PLC to a Smart.Hub™ LT or Sent.io™, setup your Modbus tags, build your NexusHMIs, and you can remotely monitor and control your system from anywhere in the world using a mobile phone. In 30 minutes, you can put any SCADA system in the cloud and control it from your mobile phone.

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Featured Product

Sent.io™ Direct2CLoud IoT Gateway

Sent.io™ is extremely easy to use yet powerful and once installed, it works for years without maintenance. With multiple I/O configurations, 8+ year battery life, GPS Tracking, and a direct connection to the cloud, Sent.io is perfect for just about any application.

  • 8+ year battery life*
  • Direct2Cloud Cellular Connectivity
  • IP67 rugged enclosure
  • Internal Temperature Sensor
  • GPS Tracking
  • Multiple I/O Configurations
  • -40°C to +85°C Temp Range
  • Instant Alert Notification
  • Internal 18V Sensor Power
  • 5 Minute Sampling Rate

*-Multiple power options are available including internal 8+ year battery, external 8-32V DC, and solar power.

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Works With Whisker.io®

Mobile First IoT Cloud App

Sent.io Direct2Cloud™ IoT gateways work seamlessly with our Whisker.io® cloud platform, providing an easy to use set of tools you can use to monitor and manage your assets from anywhere in the world using any computer or mobile phone.

  • Easy To Use
  • Mobile First Design
  • Enterprise Grade
  • Custom User Interfaces
  • Custom Dashboards
  • Asset Health Reporting
  • Smart Alerts

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