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Whisker.io® is a comprehensive, enterprise grade, scalable and reliable IoT Solution Platform

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Food Safety Monitoring

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Whisker.io® IoT Simplified™

Simplified Installation

Whisker.io® and all its derivative products are designed for simple installation and easy configuration—right from the start! With Whisker.io® , a new monitoring solution can be installed and operational in just a few minutes.

Simplified ROI

Aside from the market benefits stemming from its application, Whisker.io® provides direct cost benefits as its long range, long battery life and price structure make it about 1/10 the cost of a SCADA package.

Simplified Maintenance

Whisker.io® remote devices operate from 5 to 20 years on a single set of batteries. These devices are truly fire and forget as they continue sending data every 5-minutes for years on end—no maintenance required!

Simplified Automation, Alerting & Monitoring

Immediately after provisioning a Whisker.io® device, it starts sending data every 5 minutes. That data can go to our cloud-based, advanced system of analytics and alerting, or directly to your private servers. Our suite of tools are easy to learn, easy to use, and easy to configure.

Rapid & Advanced Customization Services

We make it right We make it functional We make it fast

D6 Lab’s Engineer and developers are experts in designing, developing, prototyping, and producing simple to complex IoT systems based on either Whisker.io® technology or newly-designed technology. With a team of experienced engineers and software developers, fully customized solutions are turned around accurately and in amazingly short time frames.

Aside from our provided solution packages, D6 has created multiple custom projects for various customers. The example below show that we can integrate with existing technology (scent monitoring example) or create projects anew (BLE beacon example).

Contact us today to find our how we can help you with your next project.

Scent Marketing

In this example, Whisker.io® technology was integrated into an existing device to make it smart. A leader in scent marketing needed help connecting their commercial scent devices to the cloud to enable remote configuration, diagnostics, and management. These devices are in hotels, hospitals, and casinos, so Wi-Fi wouldn't work. Fortunately, Whisker.io® can easily provide coverage in this venue.

BLE Beacon

This example represents a complete customized solution. A leading IoT asset management company came to us because they wanted an integrated solution for short range sensing and asset tracking using BLE to reduce cost and size. We were able to leverage our rapid prototyping and quick turn, short volume production capabilities to quickly deliver a solution customized for their requirements.