Whisker.io™ - IoT Simplified!™

Whisker.io™ is a comprehensive, enterprise grade IoT solution platform

Simplified Installation

Whisker.io™ was designed from the start to provide custom enterprise grade IoT solutions that are easy to configure and easy to install. In less than an hour, a technician can install a Whisker.io™ gateway and establish a long-range, wireless IoT network. Once installed, new devices can be added in a matter of minutes.

Simplified maintenance

Whisker.io™ is a battery powered, wireless IoT technology designed with simplified maintenance in mind. Once installed and configured, our battery powered devices can operate for 5-20 years without ever needing a battery change.

Simplified ROI

Whisker.io™'s long range, long battery life, and comprehensive design provides the most cost-effective enterprise grade IoT solution on the market today. At less than 1/10th the cost of a comparable SCADA package, Whisker.io™ can provide a return on investment measured in months, not years.

Automation, Monitoring, and Analytics

The Whisker.io™ platform, which can be hosted in the cloud or on your private server, provides powerful automation, monitoring, and analytic features that are easy to learn and easy to use.

Integrates with 3rd party apps and platforms

Whisker.io™ integrates with 3rd party apps and platforms including Amazon AWS, Salesforce.com, Microsoft Azure and more.

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Engineered IoT Solutions™

We are experts in quick-turn, customized IoT solutions for almost any application you can imagine. We have invested heavily in rapid prototyping and production technologies allowing us to design and deliver fully customized connected solutions in an amazingly short period of time. Here are just a few examples of how we have helped our customers use Whisker.io™ to get their devices on the IoT quickly and cost-effectively. Contact us today to find out how we can help you do the same!

Partner Programs

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Create new IoT opportunities today!

Whisker.io™ is an enabling IoT technology that has the potential to enhance nearly any modern enterprise. If you are in the business of solving problems for your customers with technology, contact us to find out how Whisker.io™ can create new sales channels and opportunities for your company.

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Our Whisker.Engine™ module is very small and can be easily integrated into just about anything. It has been used to build connected soap dispensers, water meters, dishwashers and more. Since all Whisker.io™ products work together, OEMs can take advantage of our entire platform, including our web application, gateways, and end points. OEM partners get discounted pricing on hardware and services and can qualify to have our products and web property white labeled with the OEM's brand. Optionally, an OEM partner agreement can include customization of our devices and platform to meet application requirements.
Become an authorized Whisker.io™ reseller and get discounts on hardware, revenue sharing on recurring services, and the opportunity to qualify for white labeling of our products using your brand. We are actively looking for reseller partners in the following vertical markets: Oil and Gas, Agriculture, Building Management, and Manufacturing. We offer the opportunity for exclusive vertical markets in geographical territories.
The Whisker.io™ platform was designed from the ground up to easily integrate with 3rd party applications and platforms. If your company offers IoT solutions and you are looking for a long range, battery powered, wireless IoT solution, we want you as a partner. We will customize our devices and platform to meet your requirements, including regulatory requirements for partners outside of the US. If you are located outside the US and would like to bring Whisker.io™ to your country, please contact us. We are actively looking for partners to either import our products or build them locally under license and we can offer exclusive rights to specific countries, protecting your investment in the partnership.