Meter Interface Unit Whisker.IO™ SensorBlock™ with Valve Control

Product Id: SB-900-1001

This SensorBlock™ is designed for automated meter reading and sub metering applications; It can also be used for any application where pulses need to be counted.  It works with Avyzo's portal and billing apps.  It can monitor a single pulse output water meter (or any other pulse output device) and can also report internal temperature and battery voltage.  This variant can also control an external 12V motorized valve for applications where remote shut-off is required.


The MIU SensorBlock™ is perfect for AMR and sub-metering applications. The internal temperature sensor can be used to measure temperature from -20 to +85 degrees C.  The terminal strip allows easy connection to any pulse output meter (or any other pulse device).

This device is also equipped with an internal voltage booster capable of generating 12VDC at 1A.  This allows the device to control a DC motor driven valve which in turn allows the operator or customer to remotely shut-off flow of water to prevent water damage or assist in collection efforts.

An additional digital input is provided on the terminal strip as well, allowing the device to monitor additional parameters.  It can be used for monitoring door openings, water leak sensors, relay outputs from legacy equipment, and more.

Internal Channels

Signal Sample Method
Temperature Periodic
Consumption Periodic
Battery Periodic

External Connections

Terminal Signal Sample Method
2 VON Valve on/off output (12V) - no sample method
3 VDIR Valve direction - no sample method
4 DI2 Periodic
5 PIN Pulse In - Periodic