Tracking Whisker.IO SensorBlock™

Product Id: SB-900-0005 —

This SensorBlock™ is designed for tracking applications and contains a very low power GPS receiver and 3-axis accelerometer for motion detecting.  The device and be configured for active tracking, motion based tracking, or motion notification, depending on the needs of the application and the desired battery life.


The Tracking SensorBlock™ is perfect for security and asset monitoring applications. The internal temperature sensor can be used to measure temperature from -20 to +85 degrees C.  A low power GPS receiver allows outdoor and, in some cases, indoor tracking of assets.  It can actively track the asset, reporting location on a periodic interval, or it can be configured to track only when motion is detected, to lower power consumption and improve battery life.

The external contact closure inputs can be used to monitor door openings, water leakage sensors, relay outputs from legacy equipment (such as pump run start), and more. Lastly, the analog input can be used to measure ratiometric sensors and voltage output sensors with a range of 0-2.5V.

An open collector output is provided that can sink up to 500mA at 50V. If the SensorBlock is powered externally, the output can be used to close relays, simulate switch closures, interface with alarm panels, and more.

Internal Channels

Signal Sample Method
Temperature Periodic and Event Driven (Window)
Location Periodic
Motion Event Driven (Boolean by axis)

External Connections

Terminal Signal Sample Method
1 Vcc NA
2 Ain1 Periodic and Event driven (Window)
3 OC Out NA
4 Di1 Periodic and Event driven (Change)
5 Di0 Periodic and Event driven (Change)
6 Gnd NA